Medical Terminology

Course Description

In this course the student will learn the origin and basic structure of medical words including prefixes, suffixes, word roots, combining forms, and plurals. Student will learn correct pronunciation, spelling and definition of medical terms based on a body systems approach. Student will become prepared to use a professional vocabulary required for work in the health care field.

Date and Location

Online for the classroom component

Classroom Flow

The students are to complete homework assignments per week. The instructor will assess the work on Friday by 11:59PM. Aside from the homework, the weekly quizzes MUST be completed and graded by the instructor in order to move onto the next weeks’ worth of material.

Online course access to begin

Upon signing-up

Teaching Methods

Independent study

Recorded Lecture

Case study

Audio-visual media (documentaries, videos)


Midterm & Final exam

Program Objectives

1.Recognize the basic principles of medical word building. Select and use roots, combining forms, suffixes and prefixes to construct (build and analyze) and deconstruct medical terms related to each body system.

2.Define common and lesser-known suffixes, combining forms and word roots.

3.Define suffixes for noun endings, diminutive endings, and plurals.

4.Identify prefixes of position, color, number, measurement, direction, and miscellaneous prefixes.

5.Recognize the levels of organization from the cellular level to the organism as a whole.

6.Identify planes, cavities, regions, quadrants, and directional terms.

7.Identify the main functions and word roots/combining forms, as well as the typical abbreviations, diseases/pathologies, clinical procedures, pharmacology, specialists, diagnostic terms and treatments associated with the following:

Integumentary System Genitourinary System

Gastrointestinal System Reproductive System

Respiratory System Endocrine System

Cardiovascular System

Nervous System

Blood and Lymphatic System

Special Senses

Muscular System

Skeletal System

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Clinical Requirements


Instructor(s) name and credentials

Monica Wojnicki, RN, CCA, BSN, MHA